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"The DocuSign service was very user friendly and straight forward. I definitely would recommend this to others who have odd work schedules like myself."
- Kevin L

"I couldn't be happier with the service I have received from VPCU. DocuSign, especially, was effortless. The whole process from mortgage application to approval couldn't have been more pleasant. Thank you for everything."
- Chris L

"I want to recognize Darcy Knoll for her service. She was very patient, and was exceptional in multi-tasking,  yet efficiently working in the background  to resolve my problem.  She also provided me a best course of action moving forward.  Her prompt attention to my problem, and her kind and pleasant service eased my banking situation." 
- Sheryl B

"I recently used the DocuSign service now offered by the Credit Union. At first I was a bit of an old stickler for having paper in hand, but the ease of not having to drive back and forth makes it all worth while.... not to mention the price of gas! Thumbs up for a speedy efficient service. Even for a techi dinosaur like me."
- CB

"I would like to give a word of praise to Lisa, one of the employees at VPCU. 
Recently, when I ran out of cheques I found a book of cheques from the cancelled account and proceeded to write 4 cheques on it - not realizing they were from the closed account! One cheque for $100.00 was returned, but Lisa spotted one written to myself for $1,400.00 and seeing it was to be returned, she thought she recognized the name and took the initiative to check for other accounts and realized a mistake must have been made on my part, as there was plenty of money to cover it, so she phoned me on Friday to check. I greatly appreciate this service and feel an employee like this should be accommodated! So, 'thumbs up' to Lisa!"

- JP