Other Products

In addition to our many “main stream” products, VPCU offers a variety of incidental services designed to save you time and to take care of those little nuisances that can be easily forgotten.

Bill Payment – Pay your utility bills, credit cards balances and payments to other approved vendors by phone or Internet Banking using Member Direct.

Custom Cheques – In-branch cheque printing is available to members at an affordable cost and is free to seniors and founders.

Foreign Currency – U.S. cash is available at favourable exchange rates when traveling across the border or to another destination.

Bank Drafts – An official cheque, also known as a bank draft, is available in Canadian and US funds when a payment guarantee is required.

Pre-Authorized Transfer – Enables you to have funds transferred on a regular basis from one account to another and/or from another financial institution.

Payroll Deposit – For added convenience your payroll/government cheques or other regular income cheques can be deposited directly to your account. Avoid delays, save postage and cost, as this is another free service from VPCU.

Payroll Deduction – Build your investment portfolio or reduce your loan balance by designating a portion of your pay cheque to VPCU via payroll deduction. It’s easy and will save you time, money and anxiety. This service is available to employees of the Vancouver and Abbotsford Police Departments as well as E-Comm employees.

Safe Deposit Box – Remove the threat of fire or burglary by storing your valuables in a low rent safe deposit box at VPCU.

Money Transfers – Sometimes money has to get across town or across the country quickly. VPCU can make this happen through its affiliation with Central 1.

Stop Payments – If you need to stop payment of a cheque or pre-authorized withdrawal before the item is honoured, you may place a stop payment order in branch or through Internet Banking.