Personal Chequing


The chequing account has been a staple of payment systems for generations, and while paper cheques have been replaced to a significant degree by electronic methods, the account remains popular with people who appreciate having proof of payment and an itemized statement to help manage expenses. At VP Credit Union (VPCU), you can choose from a wide range of chequing account options as follows:

Regular Chequing – This account combines competitive per item service charges with a monthly statement and images of cancelled cheques. It also pays interest calculated on the closing daily balance.

Packaged Accounts –If you prefer a flat fixed fee for preset transaction limits, our Advantage and Advantage Plus accounts are just what you need. Plus you will be approved for a line-of-credit/overdraft privileges when you sign up for direct deposit.

Silver Shield – For those who maintain a significant balance in their account from month to month, this account is for you. By maintaining a $1,000 minimum monthly balance, most service charges are waived. You will also receive interest based on tiered rates and it will be paid on a monthly basis.

U.S. Dollar Accounts – Our proximity to the US results in considerable cross border activity and quick and ready access to US funds is important to many members. Our US Dollar account pays interest monthly calculated on your daily balance.

Seniors Gold Shield Account – For those pioneers who have “paid their dues”, VPCU provides an account, with most service charges waived, for those aged 55 years or better.

Founders Club Members – In addition to the important role that seniors play in the success of VPCU, your credit union recognizes the impact of members who contribute over a long period of time. If you have been a member for two decades, or have an investment of $2,500 in Equity Shares, you will receive premium interest rates on term deposits and RRSPs regardless of your age.