Investment Overview



At VPCU, we have many great investment options for you to choose from. If you prefer a safe, guaranteed return on your investment, you can explore our term deposit options. If you are seeking greater potential returns you have a number of ways to achieve that goal with our partner companies. Whether you are a “do it yourself” investor or perhaps you prefer the personal touch of a professional financial planner, we have it all covered here at VPCU.

Summarized below are our current investment options:

Term Deposits – Term Deposits are great investment options for those that are seeking a fixed return on their investment without the risk of the stock market ups and downs. There are no fees and you can simply give us a call and email to confirm your investment choice. For more information, please visit our Term Deposit webpage by clicking HERE.


Qtrade Investor – For those that prefer stock and bond market related investments and enjoy managing their investments on their own, this option might be for you. We are proud to be partnered with Qtrade as they were most recently recognized by The Globe and Mail as the best online brokerage for 2020. For more information on Qtrade, please click HERE.         

Virtual Wealth – Virtual Wealth is also known as a “Robo Advisor”. This investment option is best suited for those that would like to participate in the stock market, but would like to keep fees at a minimum and also have the option of having an advisor to chat with them over the phone. For more information on Virtual Wealth, please click HERE.

Personal Advisor – If you are looking for a Financial Planner that you can sit down with to discuss your entire financial plan this option may be for you. VPCU has partnered with G&F Financial Group to offer this service. For more information on Financial Planning, please click HERE

"Online brokerage services offered through Qtrade Investor, a division of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc. 

Virtual Wealth is a tradename of Credential Qtrade Securities Inc."