Referral Program


Program Overview
The Member Referral Rewards program is intended to offer existing V.P. Credit Union members with cash and prize draw incentives when they refer new business to VPCU. This program is essentially a “win-win-win” as it benefits the existing member, new member and VPCU. The more you refer, the bigger your reward. It is that simple. Cash bonuses will be paid shortly after the new business is booked while prize draw incentives will be awarded between December 20th through December 31st, 2019.  
Program Details
  • Eligible to all existing members.
  • New members referred must meet the closed bond credit union member requirements and a new account must be setup accordingly. Click HERE to view Membership Bond Eligibility
  • Cash bonuses are available for new mortgage referrals.
  • Prize draw entries are available for members that refer new Financial or Insurance Planning business to our partners at G&F Financial Group; Both the existing and new member being referred will be entered into the prize draw and the entries will be confirmed in the draw upon completion of an appointment with a G&F Financial Group Financial or Insurance Planner. Additionally, existing members that would like to request a Financial or Insurance Planning appointment will also be eligible for a prize draw entry.
  • All cash bonus and prize draw referrals must be emailed to The email must state the name, phone number and email of the new member and existing member. Also, the product referred must also be identified.
  • There is no maximum limit on how much you can refer and receive in cash bonuses and prize draw entries. The more you refer, the more you can win!
Cash Bonus Details
Existing members that refer new members who book a new mortgage loan for a three year fixed term or longer will be eligible for a cash bonus. The cash bonus is based on the amount of the new mortgage and the length of the term. Both the new member and the existing member will receive equal cash bonus amounts.
Examples of a mortgage referral cash prize:
A $500,000 mortgage is referred to VPCU. The new member takes a 5 year fixed term length for the mortgage. The total bonus paid would be $1250.00. This would be split evenly between the new member and existing member so they both would receive $625.00.
Prize Draw Details
There are two prize draws.
  1. The first is a draw for a $1000 non-redeemable 1 year fixed non-registered VPCU term deposit. The winner has the option to select a longer term, but at minimum the term length shall be 1 year.
  1. The second is a draw for a $500 Keg gift card.
The winner of the first draw will not be eligible for the second draw unless they have made multiple entries in the draw. If that is the case, the remaining entries shall be eligible for the secondary draw.
  1. Who fits under the VPCU closed bond membership?
Staff including civilians from the Vancouver Police, RCMP, all municipal police forces in B.C., South Coast B.C. Transit Authority, E-Comm, Canada Border Services Agency, Correctional Service of Canada and Provincial Court Services. Immediate family members of members within each group are eligible for membership as well. An immediate family member is defined as a spouse, parent or child.
  1. I am an existing member working at one of the municipal police forces and I believe my cousin and uncle are very interested in obtaining membership and they both want to bring their mortgage and/or investments over. Are there any exceptions possible to VPCU membership?
Exceptions may be made for extended family members and possibly other situations. However, in addition to emailing the required referral information, please write a brief summary as to why you feel your extended family member would be a good fit at VPCU and also include your relationship to them. We will forward on your request for review.
  1. Is this a limited time offer?
We intend to offer this program on a permanent basis. However, VPCU reserves the right to amend or close this program at any time.
  1. I would first like to know what my potential cash bonus might be before referring my colleague who also works at the VPD with me. Is there a way I can do this?
Please email your inquiries to We will provide you with a quote of what prize you may be eligible for. Please note the quote will only be valid for up to three weeks. If the new business is not confirmed within this timeframe then it will no longer be valid.
  1. I have some other questions. What should I do?
If you have further questions please contact We will forward your query to the appropriate staff member to provide you with an answer accordingly.