Commercial Lending Rates

Rates effective as of November 25th, 2020
Current V.P. Credit Union PRIME Lending Rate:    2.45%

Fully Secured Commercial Loans

Security Rate Conditions
Deposit Secured Prime + 2.00 % 5 Year Maximum Term

Commercial Loans & Lines of Credit

All Commercial Loans and Line of Credit products are based on VPCU’s Prime Lending Rate which is subject to change.

Please contact us for the latest pricing details.

Overdraft Rate

Type Rate
Chequing Account Overdraft or Line of Credit Overdraft* 16.75%

Commercial Mortgage Renewal Rates**

1st Mortgage Rates  Posted
1 Year Open Term 8.95 %  
1 Year Fixed Term 5.54 %  
2 Year Fixed Term 5.59 %  
3 Year Fixed Term 5.64 %  
4 Year Fixed Term 5.69 %  
5 Year Fixed Term 5.44 %  
5 Year Variable Rate Fixed Term Prime + 3.00%  
20/20 Pre-payment Options See details  
* The Overdraft Rate is only applicable when a Demand Account is overdrawn or when a line of credit account exceeds its authorized limit.  

** VPCU currently offers renewals of existing VPCU commercial mortgages only.

*** Rates and products are subject to change without notice at any time. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. All applicants must meet the standard VPCU lending criteria.