Online Banking FAQs

Q: Using public wifi to do online banking?
A: Members using public Wi-Fi networks should always consciously decide whether the convenience of immediate access to an online resource, such as a bank account, is worth the associated security risk. If it is urgent to access such online resources over a public Wi-Fi network, we recommend that the user should always look for an HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) connection with a valid certificate. For online security purposes users should always keep security in mind when using devices in public places: That includes maintaining strong passwords, current versions of their software and anti-virus protection to protect their personal information. ONLINE SECURITY - Choose a password that is easy for you but difficult for others to access. Avoid using current dates, birthdays and social insurance numbers. DO NOT share your password with anyone. DON'T authorize browsers to memorize your passwords.

Q: How do I change my Personal Access Code?
A: Login to online banking and click on Profile and preferences where you will see the option to change it.

Q: I have tried to log in but it’s not working?
A: When entering your account number, do not put in the dash just the number. Also if it’s your first time using online banking make sure you were given an access code by one of our staff members. Personal Access codes cannot start or end with a zero.

Q: How many times can I log in before it locks me out?
A: You can attempt to login three times, if after the 3rd try you still don’t input the correct password, the system will lock you out for 24 hours.

Q: What should I do if I have forgotten my Personal Access Code?
A: Call V.P.C.U. to have it reset.

Q: Can I pay the same vendor twice in the same day?
A: Yes you can pay the same vendor twice in a 24-hour period. However the amount can’t be the same or the transaction will be rejected.

Q: Do you have E-transfers?
A: We are in the process of getting E-Transfers as we have converted to
a new banking system in April 2016. Please contact us for more info.

Q: Can I access your website and your online banking with my smart phone/tablet?
A: Yes, our website was designed to be compatible with different phones, tablets and computers.

Q: Can I pay my loan through online banking?
A: Loans cannot be repaid via online banking. If you would like to make a payment please send an email to or contact one of our loan officers.

Q: Can I contribute to a Tax Free Savings Account, RESP or RRSP via online banking?
A: Contributions to registered plans can only be made on your behalf by branch staff.

Q: How do I transfer funds from one of my Membership account numbers to another one of my accounts or to a member that also has an account with VPCU?
A: Please contact your branch to add the ability to transfer funds from one membership number to another. Once setup you will be able to move funds at your convenience. To do so click on the transfer link and then select transfer to another member number. You will notice a drop down box that will let you choose the other number. From there just follow the prompts.

Q: Can I delete scheduled transfers on online banking?
A: Certain scheduled transfers cannot be removed by clicking on the delete link. If you encounter one please contact your branch and we will remove it from our end.

Q: How do I add a bill payment vendor to my online banking profile?
A: Click on payments; add a payee, search by vendor name (try using a variety of names- for example if you are adding BC Hydro type hydro or if you are looking to pay personal taxes type CRA).