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Please tell us what you think about our Credit Union. We want to hear the good, but we also want to know what we can improve as well! Your feedback is extremely important so please share a few words if you have a few moments. Your feedback and/or testimonial can be sent to [email protected]. Many thanks!

The DocuSign service was very user friendly and straight forward. I definitely would recommend this to others who have odd work schedules like myself.
– Kevin L. on April 7, 2018

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I have received from VPCU. DocuSign, especially, was effortless. The whole process from mortgage application to approval couldn’t have been more pleasant. Thank you for everything.”
– Chris L. on May 10, 2018

“I want to recognize Darcy Knoll for her service. She was very patient, and was exceptional in multi-tasking,  yet efficiently working in the background  to resolve my problem.  She also provided me a best course of action moving forward.  Her prompt attention to my problem, and her kind and pleasant service eased my banking situation.”
– Sheryl B on May 16, 2018

“I recently used the DocuSign service now offered by the Credit Union. At first I was a bit of an old stickler for having paper in hand, but the ease of not having to drive back and forth makes it all worth while…. not to mention the price of gas! Thumbs up for a speedy efficient service. Even for a techi dinosaur like me.”
– CB on May 21, 2018

“I would like to give a word of praise to Lisa, one of the employees at VPCU.
Recently, when I ran out of cheques I found a book of cheques from the cancelled account and proceeded to write 4 cheques on it – not realizing they were from the closed account! One cheque for $100.00 was returned, but Lisa spotted one written to myself for $1,400.00 and seeing it was to be returned, she thought she recognized the name and took the initiative to check for other accounts and realized a mistake must have been made on my part, as there was plenty of money to cover it, so she phoned me on Friday to check. I greatly appreciate this service and feel an employee like this should be accommodated! So, ‘thumbs up’ to Lisa!”

– JP on June 12, 2018

“As a new VPCU member I wasn’t sure what to expect. From my first e-mail from Jackie Felker, to my e-mails with Sarah Robinson and Karyn Cochrane, I have been blown away with the exceptional service I have received. I am not only a customer, I have seven years previous banking experience and as a QA Analyst was focused on coaching team managers in exceptional customer service delivery by them and their employees. I can say that the VPCU staff delivers each and every time and to go further, they do it with sincerity and the highest level of professionalism. I look forward to doing business with them as a lifelong member as should you.”
– Habeeb S.  on November 1, 2018

“I wanted to take the time to make note of some outstanding service we got from two of your employees (I know there is team behind them so my thanks to them as well). We bought a pre-sale condo and then recently sold our house and moved into the condo. My thoughts are buying and selling is always stressful but even more in this real estate market. Early on, Vladimir gave much needed advice and guidance when we purchased the condo and put down a down payment.  Later when the market had slowed, Ben Choy alleviated our stress by reaching out to his contacts in the industry to ensure we had bridge financing if required. While they both did much more during this time I especially liked that Ben and Vladimir very patiently explained each part of the process, sometimes multiple times!

My father was a member since the beginning and my mother remains a loyal customer to this day. My daughters are both VPCU members. We have banked at VPCU for years and always had our mortgage with you and continue to enjoy the personal touch we get with your employees. Ben and Vladimir only solidified our loyalty with their recent work but certainly we will encourage our next generation (our daughters) to continue banking with VPCU. Please pass along our thanks and gratitude for all the work done for us over the years and especially during this recent sale and purchase.”
– J. McCardell on May 31, 2019

“I’m writing to express my appreciation for the guidance and support provided by the Vancouver Police Credit Union (VPCU), in particular, Jackie Felker.  I’ve recently been through a difficult time and thanks to her professional advice and compassionate approach to business, I feel confident about my finances and am optimistic for the future.

During my 40 years as a member of the Vancouver Police Credit Union I have been impressed with everyone I have come into contact with as I’ve purchased/sold homes and sought advice and assistance with other financial decisions.  It may sound corny, but the VPCU staff feel like family to me, they are there when I need them.

I encourage all Vancouver police officers to join the VPCU and become part of the family too.”
– Gary Dimock on July 24, 2019

“I would like to express my appreciation to Ben Choy at the VPCU who showed me such unwavering kindness and support during possibly the most stressful time of my life. Ben was always there at the other end of an email and responded promptly every time. He offered me sound advice and was exceptional when it came to helping figure out the next steps I needed to take. Ben was highly efficient at every turn and I was more than impressed with the level of customer service I received from him during this time. Without his assistance the last six weeks for me would have been a lot darker.”
– E.B on November 5, 2019

“I’ve been with the VP Financial for a number of years now and have just rolled along over and become comfortable with the service. Nothing very exciting – steady and repetitious. 

This year was the most difficult when my account was compromised and for security had to be closed for my own protection and establish a new working account. I had had the same account number for over 40 years and the account number itself was quite an attachment with me. Nevertheless, one of the last things to be straightened out was the “old” Bond Beater account that I have had since it was initiated many moons ago.

With Ben’s help we managed to teach an “old dog” some new account products, at least new for me,new phrases and terms. The account will now be operating in the same manner as I have become accustomed to but with new buzz words and name changes.

Thank you all for the wonderful servies you all provide us with.”

With warm regards,
– B.H. on November 8, 2019

“I just wanted to take a moment of your time to pass on my sincerest thanks to how quickly and professionally Vladimir handled a loan request earlier this week. Vladimir walked me through all the steps, pointed out any errors in my application which could be swiftly corrected and introduced me to the DocuSign software – saving me a couple of trips back and forth to the branch. I’ve been a member of the VCPU for 16+ years, and have my mortgage with you too. Having Vladimir over at the Graveley Office has been an excellent addition to the VPCU staff. He’s very polite, professional and astute in all the dealings I’ve had with him. In particular, this last loan application he handled is a case in point. I won’t hesitate in bringing business to the VPCU again with good honest folks like Vladimir handling the caseload. And a shout out to Carlos too – whose service with a friendly smile makes the VPCU feel like a family, and not a bank. You guys are doing a great job!
– I.B. on February 21, 2020

“I joined the VPCU when I first started with the VPD back in the seventies. My family and I have used their services for many years and have the utmost faith in the way our business has been handled.

Recently when I became the Treasurer of the VSPOA, I contacted the staff, and they set up the E Transfer System we presently use as well as the in house transfer system. I Go into the Offices, both on Victoria Drive and Graveley, and have always been met with Professionalism. I want your Staff to know that I appreciate all they do for us.”
– Phill L. on March 11, 2020

All my years of investing and applying for mortgages, I have been dealing with banks. Approximately one year ago, the VPCU was recommended to me as I was in a panic for a new mortgage. I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Mr. Ben Choy. I have never felt like more of a priority. My emails and phone calls were and still are responded to right away, if not an hour later, then within 24 hours. I was also quite impressed with how long it took to approve my mortgage. I had a home nearing completion. Almost three months into the process, I was still getting excuses from the bank as to why my mortgage wasn’t approved, i.e. short staffed, huge flux of applications. Running short on time, the VPCU completed my approval process within 2 weeks allowing me to take possession of my next property without being in breach of contract with the builder. Customer service is clearly a priority for Mr. Choy. The VPCU will be my go-to ‘financial institution’ for all future mortgages. So appreciative and grateful for the excellent service provided! Mr. Choy is a great asset to the VPCU.” 
– C.S. on October 14, 2021

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