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Wills & Estates

Planning for the final stage in life is never a comfortable subject to review. However, not being prepared and not having your final wishes documented is an even more uncomfortable situation for the loved ones we leave behind. Having a will and an estate plan in place is essential to helping your family and friends navigate through this challenging time. If you are someone that has a significant other, a family or have assets that you wish to bequeath in a specific and orderly manner, it is highly recommended that you seek out a Wills and Estates specialist to assist you accordingly.

VP Financial has partnered with Concentra which provides Estate and Trust Services to credit union members. Concentra Trust specializes in planning and administering estates and trusts, regardless of value or complexity, including those with farms and businesses, out-of-province beneficiaries, or difficult family dynamics. The experts at Concentra Trust will ensure commitments and wishes are accurately fulfilled while maintaining sensitivity to the needs and concerns of all parties.

Concentra Trust can:

• act as a corporate executor
• act as an attorney or property guardian
• perform trustee and trust administration duties
Our flagship program, Executor EASE, is a unique, flexible service designed to help executors understand and navigate their obligations and responsibilities. Executors can choose from a range of services and select only the options they require.

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Bulletins are posted periodically as Concentra provides helpful tips and information about key topic areas. Please click the hyperlinks below to access the bulletins accordingly:

November 2020: Minor Beneficiary Trusts – WHAT TO DO and WHAT NOT TO DO

December 2020: You’ve said YES to being an executor. Now what?

January 2021:    Executors: What you need to know about probate

Please call 1.800.788.6311  Ext# 1888 to speak with a trust specialist Concentra Trust offers complimentary safekeeping for your clients’ Will, trust indenture or power of attorney when named executor, trustee or attorney.

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