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Personal Lending Rates

Rates effective as of November 6th, 2021
  Current V.P. Credit Union PRIME Lending Rate:    2.45%

Fully Secured Loans

Security Rate Conditions Deposit Secured Prime + 0.50 % 5 Year Maximum Term

RRSP Loans

Type Rate Conditions RRSP* Starting at Prime + 1% 1 Year Term RRSP catch up loan*  Starting at Prime  + 2% 3 Year Maximum Term 

Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

All Personal Loans and Line of Credit products are based on VPCU’s Prime Lending Rate which is subject to change.

Please contact us for the latest pricing details or view our Loans Overview webpage for more information by clicking HERE.

Overdraft Rate

Type Rate Chequing Account Overdraft or Line of Credit Overdraft** 16.75%

Residential Mortgages

1st Mortgage Rates  Posted
1 Year Open Term 6.45 % 1 Year Fixed Term 2.49 % 2 Year Fixed Term 2.54 % 3 Year Fixed Term 2.59 % 4 Year Fixed Term 2.64 % 5 Year Fixed Term 2.79 % 5 Year Variable Rate Fixed Term Prime – 0.85% 20/20 Pre-payment Options See details     Other Products Available Rates Prime Line – Mortgage Line of Credit From Prime + 0.50% Mobile Home Loans  1st Mortgage Rates + 1.00%     2nd Mortgage Rates   Please contact us for more details


For general information about our mortgages, please visit our Mortgage Overview webpage by clicking HERE.

* RRSP Loan proceeds must remain in a VPCU RRSP investment product until the outstanding loan balance has been paid in full.

** The Overdraft Rate is only applicable when a Demand Account is overdrawn or when a line of credit account exceeds its authorized limit.  

*** Relationship Pricing Offer for Mortgage Rates
VPCU now offers a revised relationship pricing model. Members that obtain some or all of the products or services listed below will be eligible for additional mortgage rate discounts. An additional one basis points (.01%) shall be offered to members that obtain or currently have the following products or services with us:
Product Type 1: Collabria Visa Card

Product Type 2: Full Direct deposit payroll / pension

Product Type 3: Line of credit/Primeline / Personal loan

Product Type 4: Term Deposit Investment / A New QTrade Account / A New Virtual Wealth Account / Complete a Financial Planning Review with our partner company / New RESP Investment / New RESP BCTESG Investment

Product Type 5: A CUMIS Creditor (Mortgage/Loan/Line of Credit) Insurance Product / CUMIS Home Insurance CoverageInsurance Planning Product with our partner company
Relationship Pricing example: If your mortgage is due for renewal and you have an existing full payroll/pension deposit with VPCU and you decide to obtain and activate a Collabria Visa credit card with us and also setup a line of credit, you would be eligible for a three (.03%) basis points off our posted rates because three product types have been obtained in addition to the mortgage.
The maximum relationship additional rate discount off our posted rates that is available is 5 basis points or 0.05%. The additional rate discount offer is available during the time of mortgage rate renegotiation only.

**** A New VPCU Mortgage Applicant is defined as an existing OR a new VPCU member that does not currently have an existing VPCU mortgage product. 

Please contact our Lending Department directly for full details at 778-945-9448 or by email at [email protected].

Rates and products are subject to change without notice at any time. Other conditions and restrictions may apply. All applicants must meet the standard VPCU lending criteria. 

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