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Remembering Neal Tyldsley

Neal-headshot-only.jpgNeal served VP Financial since 1969, from his early days of Internal Audit functions to his roles as Board Director, President and Chair, and with numerous Committees throughout his many years. Neal followed in his father’s footsteps of active Credit Union membership and support.

Jean Downing, remembers her role in the Detective Office at the VPD when Neal encouraged her to have a look at VP Financial for her banking and then recruited her for our Audit Committee. Now 17 years later, Jean is VP Financial’s Chair.

New Board Directors have mentioned that they have felt the same warm welcome Neal extended as they too, came on board; his kindness and depth of stories dating back many years were always something that helped make new Directors settle in that much easier. Lots of history was routed in those years serving our credit union. Ruben Sorge, Board Director remembers Neal’s confidence building during Ruben’s early months, when Neal told Ruben ‘Give it 25 years and it’ll feel like old hat’! And so, it continued…another new Director guided along to serve us over the years.

Long time contributor and former Board President and Chair, Roy Ballam shared his gratitude for the 51 years Neal shared with VP Financial. Neal was “Mr. Pres.” which required lots and lots of hours, and lots and lots of meetings. Additionally, during the Board years there were Provincial conventions and Peer Group Meetings where Neal represented our interests.  During those many meetings Neal was a personality who was so easy to talk to— and one who listened.  And what a great memory Neal had too, Roy added… Let’s not forget those friendly greetings and that wonderful smile. Neal was truly a great “front man” for VP Financial, a good friend, and will be greatly missed.

The PMBA (Police Mutual Benevolent Association) is the social arm of the Vancouver Police Department.  Many functions for the families of the Vancouver Police were this organization’s purpose. Board Director Eric Borglund recalls on one occasion they were hosting a Children’s Christmas Party at John Oliver High School.  Neal was the Santa Claus and appropriately dressed to fit the occasion. On the edge of the stage, Eric was escorting each child to Santa to sit on his knee and tell what they most wanted for Christmas.  One of the children in line was BJ (Brent) Neal’s own son.  When BJ got on Santa’s knee, he immediately looked at Santa and said, “What are you doing wearing my Dad’s ring?” Eric cannot remember how Neal got out of that one but everyone chuckled about it for many years afterwards!

Hats off to a dedicated VP Financial leader, whose passion was as big as his heart! 51 years of service and contributions are in every fiber of who VP Financial is today. It’s time to rest well, Neal Tyldsley.

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