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reCAPTCHA Security

In our continuing efforts to provide members with the confidence they deserve for secure access to accounts, we have added an additional verification step to enhance the overall security of online account access.  V.P. Credit Union has added ReCaptcha security to its Member Direct online banking portal.

After completing your Account Number and Personal Access Code and clicking the “Submit” button, you may be asked to complete the ReCaptcha verification sequence. This extra security step takes only seconds to complete before you will be able to access your account.
The ReCaptcha verification sequence will ask for multiple attempts in the case of any errors. Please see below for more details on the new ReCaptcha security feature.

V.P. Credit Union uses reCAPTCHA on its Member Direct online banking login webpage. Your use of reCAPTHA is subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


Step 1: Log in by entering your Member Account Number and Personal Access Code. Then his the “Login” button.


Step 2: A ReCaptcha verification may prompt. If so, please complete accordingly. Once complete, you will gain access to your account.



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