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Reports of Phishing Attempts from Visa Canada

August 06, 2019

Visa Canada has received several reports of phishing attempts today. We want to provide you with the following background information in the event you receive any inquiries or have any questions. 
Customers have reached out to Visa Canada today after having received calls which are deemed suspicious. The phone message informs consumers that Visa is noticing suspicious activities on their accounts and they are to press “1” for a live agent or “2” to leave a message. The scam appears to be in English only.
The caller ID indicates the actual Visa Canada number. Consumers calling back to the number reach Visa Canada reception. Visa Canada has updated its reception message as well as a note on its website and social media feeds to let consumers know that any calls about fraudulent card activity will not originate from Visa but financial institutions that issue their cards.
If you have any questions or concerns about your account, please contact Collabria Cardholder Services at: 1.855.341.4643
We will keep you updated should additional information becomes available.

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