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Proposed Merger

December 01, 2021


Dear Member,

Vote in person or virtually- Wednesday Dec 1st 2 pm to 4 pm ONLY
Personal members will require last four digits of your Social Insurance Number (S.I.N.) and your birth date to be authenticated in order to vote.
Option 1: In person
Italian Cultural Centre
3075 Slocan Street
Vancouver, BC V5M 3E4
Option 2: On-line at 1 of our branches:
4837 Victoria Dr or
3585 Graveley Street
Our staff will assist in your E-Vote
Option 3:  Via Zoom online meeting
The electronic meeting will be held at the same time as the physical part of the meeting.

To participate on Zoom, please use the following log-in particulars:

Log on by clicking here . Zoom will open at 1:30 PM

Meeting ID: 823 8129 8816
Passcode: 196180
Please contact V.P. Credit Union at 604-683-2434. Staff will be ready to assist you.
Option 4: Vote via e-Vote link
Go direct to https://eballot.app/vpcu or use the QR code for access


If you have not had a chance to review the Guide to Understanding the Proposed Merger in your mailbox yet, please feel free to review the Proposed Merger Details below.

Proposed Merger Details:

Special Rules for Dec 1 2021 – Click HERE

On July 22, 2021, VPCU announced its intentions to pursue a merger with G&F Financial Group (Gulf and Fraser Fishermen’s Credit Union). Since that time, we have been reaching out to members to provide important information about the proposed partnership.
Here’s what we’ve shared to date:

Now it’s your turn to have your say!

I sincerely hope you take the time to learn why change is needed and come out and vote.
Lydia Johnson, CEO



We have prepared a series of brief videos to provide you with more background on the proposed merger. Lydia Johnson, CEO of V.P. Credit Union provides answers to some commonly asked questions from our members. In addition, Ralph Kaisers, who is the Vancouver Police Union President, also shares his thoughts on the proposed merger. The Vancouver Police Union has been a member of V.P. Credit Union for 77 years.

How to cast your vote on voting day

Coastal Front Podcast features G&F Financial Co-CEOs and President, talking in depth about the Canadian Credit Union system and mergers  

Background on the proposed merger with Lydia

Ralph Kaisers, Vancouver Police Union President, shares his thoughts

Early Feedback from Members

VPCU has been contacting many of our members to discuss the upcoming merger proposal. We also caught up with some members that have an existing relationship with both VPCU and G&F. Listed below are members that wanted to share a few thoughts on their overall experience with VPCU and G&F.

Member: G. Lester

“On one hand I still feel a sense of loss, or potential loss of the VPCU, but on the other hand, based on what I have learned I feel secure in my belief that a merger is the best and most viable option going forward.  With that knowledge I am able to focus on the other part of the merger equation, which is not knowing what will follow the vote.   That creates an uncomfortable feeling and a sense of anxiety.  I have many questions, like how will the merger affect me,  what’s the next step, how do I integrate my accounts with G&F, what other products do they have, how disruptive will this be and how long will it take before I feel comfortable with G&F.
I perused the G&F website, it is well organized and covers almost every financial topic that a new recruit, to a long term retiree will find useful.  In fact I found a service that the VPCU does not provide, but is one that I having been researching for some time and will make use of before the end of this year.
There are various ways of contacting them, from online chats to home-visits to home-bound members by customer service representatives.  I used the online chat and after a few minutes of waiting I was communicating with a rep.  Not knowing where to start I briefly explained that I am a VPCU member, awaiting the outcome of a merger vote and would like to know what the G&F procedures are for integrating new members.   The rep asked for my contact information and  informed me that a customer service rep will make personal contact with me tomorrow.  That was presented as the best option for my needs, and I accepted.” 

Member: F. Vos

“Adele and I were on the zoom meeting Thursday.  Before the meeting I was against the merger but through info shared at the meeting I know the VPCU cannot survive. The technology, which is required by government, is expensive as are the updates. 90% of deposits are held by members who are 50 and older. And when they pass away the estate takes the money out of the VPCU. The CU has lost 400 members over the last 3.5 years.  The CU can’t compete with mortgage rates and out of 3000 accounts less than 10% are paying monthly service charges.  It costs the CU about $2.30 per month to maintain each account as well.  There are larger credit unions that have merged with G&F Financial, such as Aldergrove Credit Union. G & F is made up of over 30 merged credit unions. Long gone are the days of simple banking.  Small CU’s are not being gobbled up,  they are merging voluntarily to survive.  Although our hearts may wish the VPCU to live on, the age of technology and regulations are hurting small CU’s.  Hope this info helps.”

Member: Bob Hilsen

“I love my Credit Union, VPCU,  and have been a member for over 35 years.  Prior to retirement I was a  peace officer for over 35 years, in two Provinces.  Police work has changed since I started in 1969 and the VP has changed also.  Good memories for both, however, we all have to embrace the times and adapt to the changes that have occurred and will occur.  Beginning in 9-11 life changed and with Global warming and Covid19, and variants, life is changing even more quickly. The VPCU is a limited Credit Union and has always been an excellent one and caters to each individual, like family, however, it has to change with the times.  Economics of scale, limited offices, and keeping distance, is a disadvantage for a small Credit Union.  Either the VPCU has to grow and offer more Financial services, and other services, or it will disappear.  I had need of financial advice and contacted the VPCU.  I had several zoom meetings, with staff, and was directed to G & F and had zoom meetings with one of their agents, Cory Cop.  G & F has been excellent to deal with and I am very pleased with the results.  At first, I was skeptical about a merger, I did not want things to change with the VPCU, however, upon more investigation I came to realize the advantages and how we needed the merger and, after my experience with G & F, I am satisfied that even though we merge we will still maintain our VPCU credibility.  I encourage everyone to do their own research and investigation and not rely on innuendo or rumours.”

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