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Go Green with E-Statements!

April 03, 2019

V.P. Credit Union is re-launching its E-Statements to all members with personal accounts. Members will still have the option to have a mailed monthly paper statement, but there will now be a nominal fee of $3 per month effective May 31, 2019. We have reviewed the marketplace, considered member feedback and have taken into account our carbon footprint when making this decision. Many of our members have already switched to the E-Statement format.
E-Statement Features

  • It’s free of charge
  • Available faster than mail
  • Secure website access
  • Access to historical statements at your fingertips
  • Eliminates a common method of Identity Theft
    • Statements carry financial information that criminals can exploit.  Mailed statements pose a risk for anyone to potentially pick up your statement (lost in the mail, or the mail box is tampered with). This risk is mitigated with E-statements as you will be required to log in before getting access to your statements.


I currently have E-Statements setup. Is there anything I have to do?  
No action is required by you. Thanks again for going green with us!

Why is VPCU charging $3 per month for paper statements?  
We have completed some market research and have learned that other financial institutions have charged on average approximately $5 for monthly mailed paper statements. The $3 monthly VPCU charge is to recover our costs to produce the statement through our paper statement service provider. 

Is the paper statement charge applicable to Businesses, Lawyer Trusts or Organization accounts?  
At this time, those accounts are exempt from the charges due to limitations with their Member Direct online access.

When are E-Statements normally available for viewing online in Member Direct?  
E-Statements are typically available after the fifth business day on the following month.

How do I sign up for E-Statements?  
It’s quite simple. You can confirm your E-statement switch by logging on to member direct. Please see the three simple steps below. Alternatively, if you do not have online banking setup please contact us at 604 683 2434 or email [email protected] for further assistance.
Please follow the steps below to setup the E-statement option via the online banking Member Direct portal:
Step 1: Log on to Member Direct. Once you arrive at your Member Direct account home page, please click the “Paper Statement” hyperlink on the left hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Please review the “Paper Statement Preference” acknowledgement.

Step 3: Once you have reviewed the information please click the “Do not mail monthly paper statements” check box and then click the “Submit” button.

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