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Debit card use in the United States

July 12, 2017

Due to the transition from the Magnetic Stripe to Chip Debit Cards in the United States you WILL experience issues when trying to withdrawal money and/or make a POS (point of sale) transaction. We would like to inform you that we have reached out to our service provider, and at this time we have been informed that we need to be patient while the US transitions to the Chip technology. We understand that this is causing an inconvenience to you and please know we will keep you updated with the progress.

Tips to help when your transactions are declining:

  1. Try a different ATM, one that we partner with, as displayed on the back of your debit card. Our partners are: Interac, Cirrus, AccuLink, Accel and The Exchange.
  2. Do not use the magnetic stripe at CHIP capable ATM’s/Terminals. (Insert Chip)
  3. Travel with a small amount of cash just in case the above options fail.
  4. Remember your ATM and POS Limits are Canadian dollar limits and you will need to consider the daily exchange rate for your transactions.

Thank you from all of us at
V.P. Credit Union

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